This Tudor Box on Thingiverse designed by Louise Driggers was and intricate and challenging design, especially using Colorfabb Bronzefill – this material performs best in my Makerbot Replicator 2 at a lowerer temp (under 210).

This is a challenging print for bronzefill, I swapped the filament for silver when the bronze started to fail, which I would not recommend for a functional part that would experience regular manual handling. This is an object d’art and an excellent and interesting design with a clever locking mechanism – nice little artifact.

I used low resolution and high infill for the bronzefill, especially for the detailed pieces like the roses – post finishing included polishing with fine steel wool and black shoe polish to give the tarnished effect – overall a nice result, the weight of bronzefill gives the box a substantial quality. Post finishing adds a couple of hours.

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