How to replicate and 3D print an Orca Tooth?

The exhibit fabrication department at Royal BC Museum wanted to capture the ORCA tooth as a 3D model and 3D print a replica of the model.


Using Polyga fixed structured light scanner we scanned the Orca tooth. The artifact was mounted and rotated in multiple orientations to obtain the surface geometry.

A 3D digital asset was captured including texture and colour and exported as a 3D model.

This 3D model contains data that represents the real world size and can be used for fabrication and also this 3D model can be exported in file formats for virtual reality environments.

Timelapse of 3D Printing Orca Tooth

We scan at our studio in Victoria, BC and for artifacts that are  fragile, risky or too large to transport, we are happy to provide on site 3D Scanning services.  CONTACT US to discuss your project.