If you have experienced the frustration of lipstick storage and organizing so that labels are visible and easy to access, this DIY solution using a 3D Makerbot printer is for you.

This lipstick holder was a result of my girlfriend complaining about the difficulty organizing lipsticks and being able to read the description on the flat end of MAC lipsticks:

boxed lipstick
Mess of MAC lipstick

We set out to find a method to organize the lipsticks in an easy, space efficient, and accessible way.

Some early ideas included an adaptation of a test tube holder and then this design I made using Autodesk 123D, however, it turned out to be an 11 hour print.

Lipstick Organizer Prototype

After more research, we settled on this interlocking dovetail design from Thingiverse.

Scaling Dovetail

I imported the file into Makerbot desktop software and selected the scale icon until the dimensions pop up – you can scale in any direction until you get the desired width and height.

Admittedly we did this many times and printed off many prototypes to test for “just the right” fit.  I had a very discerning (picky) end user :).   After several iterations of testing, which is pritty typical for 3D part prototyping, we settled on a design.  Even 3DHubs Marvin made an appearance to test out the dovetails:

If you are going to do this customization, I highly recommend investing in a pair of digital calipers:

Many variations of height, width and colour were tested:

Variations of Dovetail

Finally setting on blue at 26mmx30mm

Interlocking the Blocks

You can print as many interlocking pieces as you have lipsticks, I recommend filing down the connecting edges using an angular needle file, so that blocks slide together a little easier.

Needle files
Needle files for finishing

We printed 16 interlocking blocks to produce this:

Dovetail blocks
Dovetail blocks locked together

The blocks can be configured for any shape and number of blocks. This is also handy if you are traveling and only want to take a few lipsticks.

Here is the tidy, organizer with visible labels and all the lipstick easy to find, remove and select:

Organized lipstick
Easy access and organized

Enjoy and access your lipstick quickly and frustration free!!

If you want more info or interested tackling this project, please add your comments below or feel free to email me at info@replik8.com.

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