Low-Tech 3D Printable Assistive Devices

A few weeks ago we visited the Vancouver Mini Maker Fair at the PNE. Among the many exhibits and displays was the Makers Making Change booth which featured a variety of “Low-Tech” assistive devices that can all be 3D printed! The following are a few of those devices we printed to try out ourselves!

Key Handle

This handy device designed by Ivan Gourlay is an attachment for a key, that offers the user a greater lever for turning keys in tough locks. 

Plastic Bottle Opening Tool

This small handle is an easy to grip torsion handle for opening bottles, featuring a tapered and serrated inner surface for gripping the bottle cap. Simply press down on the bottle with the tool and use the oversized handle to easily remove the bottle cap.

Download STL file for Bottle Opener Here

Finger Tip Pen Holder

People suffering from neuromuscular disorders often have trouble writing as it requires fine control over the smallest leavers in the tips of the fingers. This device allows the user to make use of the larger levers in their body, which are more easily controlled.

Download the files for the handle and holder here:  Handle ,  Holder

STL files for more printable assitive devices can be found here:

Dyslexia Bar

Medication Uncapper

Pencil Holder 2

Zipper Pull

Visual Impairment Measuring Tool



Magnetic Shoe Laces

Very helpful magnetic shoelaces in case you cannot bend over to tie your shoes.  Thanks  to Noe and Pedro Ruiz for making the helpful and open source device.

First day out after hip operation:

Magnetic shoe closure .stl Download

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