3D Model Libraries

Libraries of designs that exist for you to download.

thingiverselogoThingiverse is probably the best known 3D model libary. Makerbot built this website on the principle of sharing of user-created digital design files usually under the GNU General Public License or Creative Commons licenses. Its a great way to engage by liking  “Things””, making “Collections”, showing off your “Makes” and joinng groups.

Grab_cad_logoGrabCAD started as place to connect engineers with CAD-related jobs. and has since evolved into a community engineers that share CAD models – for free. This is an amazing place to find sophisticated functional parts and projects that use 3D printable objects. You have free access to over a million downloadable models.


MyMiniFactory what is cool about this repository is that in addition large range of free downloadable 3D printable objects, every model on the site has been test printed on desktop filament 3D printers. Using MyMiniFactory’s how-to section is a good place to learn how achieve the best print outcome.

Autodes123d123D Gallery is a 3D model repository for models made with one of Autodesk’s 123D apps. Using 123D designs, you can design modesl from scratch, or scan objects using 123D Catch and subsequently turn them into *.stl formatted files for download.

This is just a short list of ways to find pre-exisiting 3D files to download, however, as a starting point, these sites cover a comprehensive range of 3Dprints, from the super simple (Tinkercad), to more advanced complexity (GrabCAD).

3D Design Tools

tinkercad_logoTinkercad athough this is not explicitly a 3D model library, you can download existing prints, and you can also “copy and tinker” a design to make your own models to download. It’s browers based and very intuitive and easy to use. TinkerCad is a product of AutoDesk,  a software company that makes sophisticated 3D design softeware for architecture, engineering and manufacturing.

3D Printing Services

3D Hubs Need a design printed and don’t have your own printer? 3D Hubs connects you with 3D Printers in your local community. Find a printer near your home.




Shapeways gives you access to high quality 3D printers using 3D Design printed in steel, brass, bronze, silver and shipped directly to your door.