Taking Programming for Everyone at Coursera, taught by Charles Severence from the University of Michigan – he is an amazing instructor and the course consists of step by step videos to learn Python and assignments. I have studied C++ (the most frustrating of any academic course I have ever taken) and Java at UBC (which I was not impressed with).  This course is packed with amazing “computer conversations” with the such tech celebrities as Massimo Banzi of Arduino to the co-founder of Coursera Daphne Koller.

My intention is to use this on a Raspberry Pi when I get one.  In addition to Mac and Windows, there is even a video as part of this course that shows you how to set up Python on your Raspberry Pi. First project will probably by own radio broadcast  like this pirate radio from Make Magazines weekend projects series.

Severence (who has been sorted into the house of Slitherin, you’ll have to sign up for the course to find out how that happened) is outstanding in his delivery of the material, a funny and likable guy and absolutely the best instructor I have ever had for this kind programming.




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