2014-11-17 19.18.18
Flexible, wearable shoe


Printing materials:
-SLA – Printer liquid fragile
-SLS – selective laser centering
-FDM fused deposition modelling line filament
-ABS (design for molds, so shrinks and limited in size)
-PLA corn based filament which results in less shrink.

* Extruder is limiting factor for materials and post processing an issue in both metal and plastic

Emerging trends in 3D:
-Remote placement remote placement will be seen on boats, ships, oil rigs, boeing, airbus,
-Part where manufacturing is difficult
-More local customized manufacturing – invisaline, prosthectics, hearing aid
-Scan, design and print – large companies will embrace
-Custom orthotics
Existing Plans:
-Traceparts – free CAD drawings of high quality parts




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