Has some of the best head twister thoughts on the future as an opener in Chapter 1, was barely able to put it down. Great quote from chapter 2 “..a 3D printer without an attached computer and a good design file is as useless as and iPod without music.”

Very well cited, and gets into some shared opionions of my own regarding classroom curriculum being a result of the state deciding what will be the educational standard.

Kind of addresses some of the goofy pedagogical idealogies that make me want to scream – nothing, seriously…nothing takes the place of hands on learning – successful learning iterative process of trying to make a thing work, find a solution to a problem, or answer a “why” questions. Running into the “not right” answers until you get a successful answer.

Fail! and Fail often – the opposite of the conventional curriculum model where fear of failing is still used as a tool to motivate the learner to “pass the text”. I believe that fear of failing impedes learning.

Lipson also takes a shot a the bloated notion of learning styles (p. 165) and suggests relying on these as a way to inform learning styles, just isn’t supported by research.

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