Recently purchase a used Makerbot Replicator 2, which was previously owned by an engineer.  I was reminded of the lesson I learned when I bought my first car, Ford Pinto Station wagon…from a mechanic.

So far its pritty good with my Makerbot (afterall the Pinto was only $300) .  I experimented with the limited supply of filament that accompanied the purchase.

Prior to purchase, I was advised to do a “bridge test” by a trusted source.  As a pre-purchase print test I chose Bridge Calibration test from Thingiverse.

DSCN9475 DSCN9474

The print only took 16min so it was a good test to see how the printer would behave post to post without support. It was acceptable enough, so I carted it home.

The next print was my Sherlock bust, which was taking a bit long with the black and I ended up breaking his hand off.  Tried Sherlock for in green and failed at his brain – how ironic.

DSCN9470 DSCN9473

I got tired of failing with difficult prints so I downloaded the Shamrock Coin, terrific and satisfying quick little print and lucky too!  I increased the roof and floor to 1mm.

DSCN9467 DSCN9468

My final print of the eve as I am getting down to the last of filament is the Castle Tower

DSCN9482 DSCN9484

The machine seems to be having a challenge with those top turrets, could be something to do with the filament not having tension on it as it is just coiled on my desk – will try again with my new filament that arrives tomorrow!!

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