I was scanned at a Maker Faire and sent the .stl of my head and torso and I have been looking for just the right robot body to attach the bottom of the model.  A quick search on 123D revealed an Adabot – sooooo cute…. I remember a time that I would have seen a character like Adabot and wonder where I could get one?  In the 80’s and most of the 90’s I would have wondered what box store or mega distibutor would be making this available – would Toyz R Us or HMV would distibute? oh remember the days of Analog shopping?  then moving through the first decade of the new millenia, I would have used a search engine, maybe even got all crafty with a boolean search in Alta Vista : “Adabot” AND “toy” AND “Robot” AND (“sale” OR “for sale”) AND “Canada”   – fast forward to today when I fell in love with Adabot, I also had immediate acces to ALL of the .stl files for each of her components – for free.  Head, legs (which I will probably use), body and even the ears all have their own .stl – many thanks to Adafruit for their commitment to sharing.

kate and adabot 2 bunny_element_meshmix

Latest is meshing experiments – after I attach my adabot body, I will print as Christmas presents:)

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