3D Scanning

3D scanning uses the reality capture of objects for a variety of purposes, including: to preserve artifacts, animate objects and replicate parts; for computer-aided design (CAD) restoration; for manufacturing verification; and for design quality control. Included in this service is the 3D scanning and digital capture of objects to produce replacement or hard-to-find parts.


3D CAD Modeling

3D computer-aided design (CAD) modeling creates a digital model for the repair or replacement of broken and hard-to-find parts (where you can’t use an original object via 3D scanning). Reverse engineer a replacement part or make a prototype using 3D CAD and 3D print models for design verification.

3D Printing

Replik8 Studios designs and fabricates objects and prototypes using in-house 3D printers. 3D printing products include 3D printed replacement parts, prototypes for design verification, and art objects.

Replik8 accepts files in .obj and .stl formats in choice of colour PLA filament. After verifying the 3D print output of your file, it is possible to have the final product printed in a material other than PLA filament.

Product Development

Replik8 develops proof-of-concept prototypes for objects used in the home and office, sports applications, medical innovations and assistive technologies. If you are an inventor, start-up, artist, engineer, designer, or manufacturer who needs mechanical parts, we will help turn your ideas and sketches into 3D models and digital drawings used for patent application, future manufacturing and engineering.