3D CAD Modeling
3D computer-aided design (CAD) modeling creates a digital model for the repair or replacement of broken and hard-to-find parts. Reverse engineer a replacement part or make a prototype using 3D CAD and 3D print models for design verification.

3D modelling creates useful visualizations and prototypes of your design

Scanning a 3D Model

Real world geometry data is generated from an existing object using a scan and imported into computer assisted design (CAD) modeling environments.

This vintage hubcap was no longer in production and the geometry was captured with a 3D scan and subsequently modelled in a professional CAD program to remove the imperfections and produce a production ready prototype.

3D Design

We are specialists in using generative design, 3D modelling, to set up studies and produce novel ideas for your invention. We provide 2D drawings for fabrication and patent application, and 3D animations for visualizations to communicate with investors and customers.