We make things! Specializing in the fabrication and replacement of hard to find parts or broken parts, design 3D models with CAD (computer aided design) and creating digital assets using 3D scanning technology. Examples include; expensive locks for boats, motorcycle parts, vintage watches, orthotics, radio knobs, and jigs and fixtures for existing manufacturers.

Our studio is located in Victoria BC, where we offer 3D printing services, digital reality capture using 3D scanning, 3D printing workshops, design and prototyping using 3D printing. This fabrication space started with the intention to increase accessibility to 3D printing and as a place to explore making physical objects, and collaborate with other makers, and experiment with electronics by programming microcontrollers to drive motors, lights and sensors using Arduino and Micropython.

The studio is committed to the research, development and accessibility of open source assistive devices for people with disabilities we belong to the community of ATMakers.org.
Our local community involvement includes hosting a build of the Lipsync sip and puff device with components supplied by Makers Making Change, and collaboration with the Victoria Disability Resource centre leading a need-knower hackathon for people with disabilities, generating ideas for solutions to mechanical problems using low tech assistive devices. Projects include a for wheelchair headrest adaptors, a pressure sensitive button and retractable curtain for the bath.
If you are interested participating in the product design of assistive devices for people with disabilities, please send an email to info@replik8.ca.

“Until you actually start making something, your brilliant idea is just that, an idea.”
Jason Fried, Rework

Want to connect about a 3D project? Send email to info@replik8.ca or Fill in contact form